Academic Assessment provides educational programs and assessment services. Academic Assessment aims to help students aged 15 to 20 in their preparation for college through school-based programs, standardized admission tests, and school improvement programs. Academic Assessment currently provides the EST (standardized admission tests) and the IAB (International Arab Baccalaureate).

The company’s educational and assessment services are edited and validated by the Academic Board which consists of highly qualified experts with academic and management backgrounds from five continents.

Our Academic Board members oversee all academic aspect services to provide the best educational experience to students and empower them for meaningful learning.

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EST is a standardized admission test, scored electronically. EST is owned by Academic Assessment Ltd. in London. EST is validated by the EST Board in the USA. It is designed specifically to measure the skills and knowledge acquired by students.

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International Arab Baccalaureate

The international Arab Baccalaureate is a complete educational program offered by Academic Assessment Ltd., London. The IAB is designed to equip the students with the right knowledge and skills to succeed in their future academic and work life. The IAB Diploma has received equivalence to the British GCE A Levels, by UK ENIC, and is now acknowledged by more than 13 universities in the UK.

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